Bolton Removals is proud to provide a specialist piano removals service in the local community. Those who are unfamiliar with these sensitive instruments way wonder why they require a specific service. However, those who understand pianos realise that moving them needs more than just the ability to lift heavy items! They are very prone to damage due to their complex mechanisms, so to move a piano you need a professional removals service.

If you have a piano you need transported to another location, contact our expert team. We’ll be able to bring our equipment, an appropriate vehicle, and the necessary manpower to handle the job. For a reasonable price, you can relax knowing your piano is only being handled by experienced and skilled removals professionals. It will arrive to its new position in perfect condition. Your piano is in safe hands when you hire us.

Attempting an amateur piano removal is very dangerous, and we’d advise against it. There’s the obvious risk, that you damage the piano and end up paying for expensive repairs. There’s also the chance that you scratch your walls while attempting to move your piano. Lastly, there’s always the risk of injury when untrained individuals try to perform a complex removals job. It’s really not worth taking a gamble when it comes to piano removals.

Our company is well known for its range of quality removals services. Our piano removals service is no different! We have the training, skills, knowledge, and equipment to safely move your piano, and we’ll do so at an affordable price! We’ve been doing this work for decades now, so who better to move your piano than us? If you’re local, you probably already know of our excellent reputation. Find out for yourself why when you hire our service!

Our friendly team would be delighted to provide you with a no obligation quotation, so feel free to contact us today to discuss your piano removal.