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bolton removals customer reviews
I’m not sure what I would have done without Bolton Removals. I called them at the last minute because my attempt at moving house alone was a disaster. They more than saved the day!
Liam Waters

Bolton, UK
bolton removals customer reviews
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bolton Removals and especially their office removals service. They understood our business needs perfectly and performed their service with complete efficiency.
Nicholas Baker
Bolton, UK
bolton removals customer reviews
I’m a regular customer who uses the Bolton Removals man and van service. The prices are always incredibly reasonable and the service is top class. That’s why I always choose them!
Sienna Mann
Bolton, UK
bolton removals customer reviews
I wasn’t sure I needed a removals firm when I moved to university. Then I discovered the Bolton Removals student removals service. It was so convenient and really affordable — I’m glad I invested in this service.
Skye Carter
Bolton, UK

Bolton Removals

What makes Bolton Removals the obvious choice? Is it the fact that we have decades of experience which confirms our consistency and professional knowledge? Or is it the reasonable rates that we are known for? Maybe it’s the fact that we offer every removals service you can imagine? Actually, it’s all of these reasons and more, so give us a call to find out for yourself.

House removals Bolton

Are you planning to move soon? Have you organised your removals company? They play a fundamental role when it comes to moving day. A great removals firm is the difference between a smooth moving day and a chaotic nightmare. Nobody wants a stressful house move. That’s why you have to choose a reliable removals team.

In the Bolton area, your best best is Bolton Removals. Our house removals service is planned to meticulous detail so that all potential disruptions are prevented and everything stays on schedule. If you’re keen to be settled as soon as possible in your new place, we’re the team to trust with the job.

When it comes to value for money, we’re unbeatable. That’s because we provide an amazing service but we charge an attractively low price. You get more bang for your buck when you choose us. Put our claims to the test! Call today for a quotation and find out just how affordably we can perform your Bolton house move.

Office Removals Bolton

An office move is a huge step for any business. Often it represents a city relocation or an expansion. If there are any hold ups or accidents, they could represent a costly repair or an even more expensive delay in normal business operations. Avoid any potential problems by choosing a team that’s performed successful office removals for decades. That’s us at Bolton Removals!

Local businesses are familiar with our services. That’s unsurprising since we’ve been working in this area for so long. In that time, we’ve undertaken countless office removals. And our experience shows in our work! When you hire our team, you can expect the highest standards of professionalism.

Don’t worry — hiring our team won’t ruin your budget. Our prices are very attractive to businesses because we keep them low and affordable. Whether the job is big or small, you can trust our team to give it our full attention and 100% effort. Every Bolton removals job matters to us, and that’s how we became known as a reliable, high quality removals service.

Student Removals Bolton

Are you moving to Bolton to attend the university here? Or are you making the move to take up a college place? Congratulations! We’re so excited to welcome you to our lovely hometown. There’s no doubt you’re going to love it here, but first you have to figure out how you’re arriving!

Have you considered how you’re going to transport all you need to your new student accommodation? It’s time to start thinking about it! There’s no need to panic. You’re not alone! Here at Bolton Removals, we designed a specific service just for the many students like you who need a little support to move successfully. We understand the importance of bringing everything you need to university.

Instead of subjecting yourself to a stressful process, delegate the job to the professionals who will make light work of it. You can arrive refreshed and ready with all that you need for a great academic year. Our student removals service is affordable but comprehensive.

Piano Removals Bolton

Have you ever tried to move a piano before? It’s not an easy job. First, you have to deal with the obvious: it’s large, bulky, and awkwardly-shaped. Even with many friends assisting you, it’s tough to lift, never mind move! Then you have to navigate tight spaces and tricky corners. It’s even worse if stairs are involved. Overall, we’d really advise against it.

The best way to move a piano is to hire a professional service. In Boton, that’s our team at Bolton Removals. We have all undertaken training to move a piano safely. It’s surprisingly easy to cause serious damage to a piano. Despite its bulk, it’s super sensitive! If you don’t invest in a professional service, you may have to invest in repairs… or even worse, a replacement!

Why take the risk? Our Bolton piano removals service is amazingly affordable, after all. Contact us today for a no-obligation quotation, and you’ll see that for yourself!

Furniture Removals Bolton

It doesn’t matter what kind of furniture you’re moving. It doesn’t matter how much of it there is. It doesn’t matter where you’re taking it, or when. Bolton Removals will be able to handle the job! Just give us a call to reserve our super convenient furniture removals service. We are able to lift and transport any type of furniture safely so it will arrive in excellent condition.

Think of our service the next time you’re furniture shopping online. Second-hand and antique bargains are easy to find, but sadly they don’t all include delivery options! That’s where our service comes in very handy. For a reasonable price, we will manage that delivery for you. The same goes if you’re the one selling pieces. Customers are easily convinced to buy when they know that delivery is part of the deal.

Call us today for a quotation. You’ll soon see that our furniture removals service is the perfect option for you. We look forward to helping you the next time you move furniture!

Man and Van Services Bolton

Everyone loves our man and van service. That’s no exaggeration; it really is an incredibly popular service. Maybe you’re wondering why. After all, it’s just a man and a van. What makes it so special? We asked ourselves the same question, and here are our answers.

It’s very convenient. Customers can call even at the last minute and we’ll endeavour to help them as much as we can.

It’s shockingly affordable. Once customers realise how cheap our man and van service is, they find a million reasons to use it.

It adapts to customer need. Whatever odd job or errand needs doing, we strive to get it done.

It’s a high quality service. After all, when you hire our man with a van, you get a trained removals professional.

It’s dependable. Our man with a van can be depended upon to arrive punctually and perform the task with professionalism.

Call today to experience this amazing service for yourself!

Bolton, United Kingdom

We are a proud local business, and we love Bolton! Bolton is a former mill town in Greater Manchester, It’s only 10 miles northwest of the city, and it enjoys great local and national transport links.

Historically, it was a key site during the industrial revolution. It was known for its textile industry as well as the production of boilers and heavy machinery.

You can see some beautiful landmarks in Bolton, because we have 16 conservation areas. Did you know that there are 700 listed buildings in Bolton? It’s perfect for people who are interested in history or architecture. The 14th Century Smithills Hall, which is now a museum, is a particular highlight.

Students come every year to study at the University of Bolton. It achieved its university status in 2005. We love welcoming students who move here with our affordable student removals service.

When you realise that Bolton is the place for you, contact us to organise your removals service.

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